You've got questions?  We've got answers.

1. Is the Fly-Tot approved by airlines and/or the FAA?

The Fly-Tot is not officially approved by airlines or the FAA. However, we have talked to regulators and we believe the Fly-Tot does not violate FAA regulations. The Fly-Tot should not be used during taxi, takeoff and landing. The Fly-Tot is designed only to be used when the plane is at cruising altitude during a flight. Thus, using it is similar to having a briefcase or carry-on placed in the legroom area.

2. Can you still buckle the seat belt while using the Fly-Tot?

Yes, if the child is lying on one Fly-Tot, the seat belt can be buckled up. If you have two children and one is lying across two Fly-Tots, that child may need to use a seat belt extender to buckle up.

3. Can the Fly-Tot be deflated quickly in case of emergency? What if the life vest under the seat needs to be removed or the Fly-Tot needs to be deflated quickly for other reasons?

We designed the Fly-Tot with a high volume valve so that it can be easily deflated within a few seconds. All you have to do is open the valve and squeeze down on the Fly-Tot to push out the air.

4. Can the Fly-Tot be used in bulkhead seats?

The Fly-Tot was designed for use on standard economy seats. Its dimensions were not designed for bulkhead seats. However, many of our customers have used the Fly-Tot in bulkhead seats and have told us it works quite well!!

5. What is capacity of the Fly-Tot?

The maximum weight for the Fly-Tot is 75kg (165 pounds) and 140cm (4 feet, 7 inches).

6. How long does it take to inflate the Fly-Tot?

In under 3 minutes. Some people can inflate the entire thing at around 2 minutes.

7. How long does it take to deflate the Fly-Tot?

In a matter of seconds, just make sure you pull out both valves and squeeze.

8. Estimated Shipping Times

We are able to ship throughout most of the world, but delivery time frames are estimated. We do not take responsibility for customs duties, import and other such taxes.

9. What are the dimensions of the Fly-Tot?

The inflated Fly-Tot cushion is 58.5 x 36 x 46 cm and weighs 1.05 kg. The foot pump is 23 x 16 x 14 cm and weighs 0.35 kg.

10. What's up with the packaging?

We know it's not the prettiest, but it's recyclable and reduces waste.

11. Can the Fly-Tot be used if the person in the seat in front of you reclines his/her seat?

Yes! The Fly-Tot is designed to mold into the space, so if the person in front of you sits back, the Fly-Tot will squeeze down with the space. Don't worry, the Fly-Tot is made of a highly durable material and will be fine in snug spots.

12. Customs Duties and Import VAT

When a package is shipped internationally, it may be subject to import taxes, customs duties, and/or fees imposed by the destination country. These goods are typically due once the shipped goods arrive at the country of destination. Fly-Tot does not take on any responsibility for these additional charges that apply.