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What an absolutely fantastic idea you had to invent this - I ordered one for my flight London- Singapore and it was a life saver. I was flying one way on my own as my husband had flown out earlier on business, but having this made my flight so much more comfortable. I had visions of being pushed to the side of my already tiny economy chair whilst my 2 year old spread out across me- but I managed to keep it to myself most of the flight as he just lay down on the fly tot! I then even used it myself as a bit of a leg rest when he did want to lie on me!

The sad bit was, I was so excited to use it and knew how much of a difference it was going to make, that i had at least 2 nightmares a week leading up to the flight about leaving it at home....! But i didn't. So, thank you for inventing something that made what could have been a long and painful trip, that much more pleasant!

Michelle G. - Monrovia, CA

"I was so excited to try the Fly-Tot out on our last trip to St.louis. I was traveling alone with my 3 year-old and one year-old. My 3 year-old is usually somewhat restless. Being a very curious child she wants to stand up, turn around, talk to everyone on the plane. Not this last trip, with the Fly-Tot, she sat content to color with it as her table, lay with it as her pillow while she watched a movie and eventually she slept on it. On our flight back she kept asking me for her "bed" she even said "Momma, I need my bed!" She loved it so much that she could hardly wait for me to get it blown up, which takes about 2 minutes. The Fly-Tot made our flight more comfortable for the whole family. It's now a staple in our carry on bag." 


Jessica W. - San Diego, CA

"The Fly-Tot was exactly what we needed for our 2 year-old on our 6 hour flight! It was quick and easy to pump up and literally became a bed when our son needed to stretch out and take a nap. Our kiddo was able to set up his toys, iPad and read his books on it. I'm pretty sure the other parents were jealous, well I know they were because they kept commenting on how awesome it was. Thanks so much for creating the perfect flying invention for kiddos. It made our lives much easier!"



"We loved using the Fly-Tot on our recent flights to and from Hong Kong to the UK. My 4 year old daughter was able to lie down and there was even room by her baby doll!"  



"I ordered Fly-Tot a few days before our trip from Singapore to Brazil and couldn't have been happier with it. Our flight was 26 hours long and I cannot imagine doing it without Fly-Tot - it was a godsend! Our toddler was able to play and rest comfortably using the extra space, and he slept much better than he ever did in a regular plane bassinet. It was super easy to set up and pack up, a real lifesaver."



"With a 6-yr old and a 6-month old, the Fly-Tot was a lifesaver! Instead of the kids usually sleeping across (me), they were able to stretch out and we all had enough space. Also the foot pump isn't necessary if you're concerned about bulk, it inflates pretty quickly manually! Winnie is also extremely helpful and responsive. Thanks again!"