Electric Tiny Pump. A Better Carrying Bag.

Fly Tot Plus

Product details


Our lightest, most compact Fly Tot bundle, featuring the all-new electric Tiny Pump and a improved carrying bag

  • Safest inflatable airplane comfort device available

  • Standard or Premium Economy: Patent-pending design features two width, to fit most standard and premium economy seats

  • Features our Havilland 12emergency release valve, automatically deflating the Fly Tot cushion in case the airplane begins an emergency descent

  • The only inflatable cushion that will not block the aisles during an emergency

  • Only one valve needs to be used to inflate the cushion 

  • Tapered bottom prevents blocking airplane's entertainment system and access to life jacket

  • Includes Fly Tot Packing Bag for convenience and portability and all-electric Tiny Pump

  • Evaluated by international airlines and regulator

Tiny Pump

  • Weighs 2.82 oz

  • Fits in the palm of your hand

  • Pumps your Fly Tot cushion in less than a minute