While students on the East Coast of the US may often anticipate school closures due to snow days, my girls were thrilled to receive TWO days off due to a typhoon. Mother Nature reared its ugly head, as Typhoon Megi swept through Taiwan this week. This was the third typhoon to hit the island in just 2 weeks. The storm brought winds of up to 143 mph and waves reaching up to 10.8 meters (35 feet).

Our family was blessed enough to relax in the comfort of our home, and only had to deal with a leaky roof. But we were warned to be prepared. The power could go out at any time. The water supply was being contaminated so it could be shut off without much notice. While we managed to stay safe during this typhoon, it gave me a chance to reflect. We often take the simple things in life for granted. Light emanating a room with the flick of a switch. Clean, uncontaminated water pouring out of a faucet with the turn of a knob. In today's modern society, we often expect these simple pleasures without giving it a second thought, but we must remember, most of the world does not live with such luxuries.